Lurearts home decor, kitchen ware and jewelry make a sophisticated statement on!

If you've ever gone through the process of redecorating your home you'll understand the frustration of finding interior decor that is truly unique. When I decorate I really want things in my home that not only captivates your attention, but can really make the space come alive with a style all it's own and really draw you into a room. Coming from a creative background I crave handmade items to decorate my home with and try to choose artists with different vibes for more of an eclectic feel. Now that we've settled into our new home, I'm finally coming around to decorating a few rooms and came across Pam McFaden's store called Lurearts on I looooove her choice of color and unique style that really brings a fresh approach to interior decor, kitchen ware and jewelry. All of her items are hand made and special. When you get a chance take a peek at her store HERE. She really brings attention to the term "less is more"!

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