Watch out for Etsy's Encore Ginger Blossom Launch!

It's that time of year! Etsy is going to offer their Encore Ginger Blossom launch beginning March 27th! All of the designers will be using fabric from Sandi Henderson's new Ginger Blossom line and let me tell you, the fabric is beautiful! The colors are vibrant, crisp and scrumptious! There will be several Etsy shops participating from boutique clothing to accessories. I've taken a peek and have already seen some amazing hand made items that these talented crafters have put together so far, and I am very impressed!

When you get a free chance, swing by Etsy and take a peek by clicking HERE!

Some of the talented crafters offering items using the Ginger Blossoms fabric are Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags, Mami Girl Boutique, SurferMomKelly's, Room 6, Andrea's Hair Flairs, Bird Song Bows, Llyrric's, C Berry Baby, and Ginger Louise Clothing to name a few!


Abby Chase Designs said...

It really is a super lauch! There is so much talent there.
Thanks so much for featuring our launch!

hoganfe said...

Thanks for posting our GB launch! Here is my handbag:

Audra & Lauren said...

You are very welcome! Any event or item that can be useful to moms, kids or families can be posted here. Just send me an email and I'll feature it on this blog! Many thanks and blessings, Audra