Enter To WIN Our FREE GIVEAWAY! Winner Will Receive a Kids Hand Painted Personalized Growth Chart! A $75 Value!

We had a TREMENDOUS turnout of entries for our hand painted growth chart Giveaway and couldn't be more pleased! We love giving away new and unique items as often as we can so keep entering! We'll have a new Giveaway each month, and sometimes twice a month if we can! Wahoo!

Our Winner is:
Linda Staton, MA

We've emailed Linda letting her know that she won the Giveaway this morning and can't wait to begin her project!

Kids Personalized
Hand Painted Growth Chart!
A $75 Value!

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You told us what you wanted for our next Giveaway and we listened! We are getting back into our ever so popular growth charts and we couldn't be more excited! Each growth chart can be personalized with a name and can be hand painted in any theme, any design, any colors and any images! It couldn't get better than that! Our growth charts are made of a heavy duty durable canvas that can easily be written on when your little one reaches new heights, and there is always room for personal comments anywhere you find a spot.

Building memories with years of milestones recorded of your child's youth is truly timeless with our hand painted personalized growth charts. This will be one of those 'oooghs & awghs' momments when they open their memmory box as an adult and look back on years past as they were growing up. This is a gift that will last a lifetime! ~ Audra

How It's Made
After your growth chart has been measured, cut and painted, dowels are then painted to match and finials are added to each end after they've been painted as well. The ends of the canvas are then folded over the dowels and secured on the back to keep the dowels in place. Your growth chart will hang with a coordinating ribbon, or with a material that coordinates with the theme to add that extra special touch (i.e., twine rope, flower shaped ribbon, sparkly ribbon, etc.). And it doesn't end there! A hand painted nail cover is also included to conceal your nail and gives it a really nice boutique look and feel. Each growth chart measures 36" x 8", and the width of the dowels/finials are 11" end to end, a nice size!

The Drawing Will Be Held June 15th So Hurry!

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Amy said...

OMG! This is just to cool! I'd love to enter!

Anonymous said...

Oooooo! Please enter me into the drawing. I'd love a growth chart to coordinate with Pottery Barn Kid's spring meadow bedroom line.

Susan Adams

Anonymous said...

Can you do a growth chart for with moons and stars in pinks and browns?

Please add me to the drawing.

Thanks ~ Kelley Walker

Linda Canton said...

Oh I love giveaways! Count me in! I'm signing up for myself and my friend who's having a baby in July. Thanks! Linda

Cindy Holland said...

Linda just called me to let me know about your contest. I'll have to sign up to. Can you do one for twins or with two themes on the growth chart? I'll email you. Thanks! Cindy Holland

Anonymous said...

I'd like to enter. Please add my name to the drawing. I'd like one done in a pirate theme. Thanks.

Kim Shaw

Trisha S. said...

I just entered my name in your contest. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that I win. You have a lovely site. Thank you! :-) Trisha

Anonymous said...

I saw on your website that you do puppy tales by kidsline. I'd la'love a growth chart done in that theme. Do you do other things in that line aside from the wall art and switch plate covers?

Laura Trejo

Amy A. said...

I just received my spring meadow growth chart. LOVE IT!! Top Quality work!!!

Anonymous said...

I just received my Spring Meadow Growth Chart. Love it!! Top Quality!

Amy A.

Jennifer Hodge said...

I would love to enter! I'll send an email to you shortly. I'm interested in having a firetruck theme for my son's room. Can't wait to see if I win! Thanks!

Samantha Sullivan said...

Wow, wow, wow! This is just to cool for words! Your work is absolutely beautiful! The best on the internet! I'd love to enter and will submit my name with the link you have on your lovely blog! Thanks! :-) You guys are so talented!

Suzanne Servadio said...

I'd like to enter. I have twins so I was wondering if you could put the sizing dashes on the left and the right of the growth chart.


Amy Duncan said...

I just noticed that you also paint canvas name letters in a meadow scene as well. Could you hand paint this growth chart to match them? Nail covers? Wall pegs? I'm going to enter the contest right now. Thank you! Amy

Karen W. said...

Count me in! I already see one that I want! Karen W.

Crazy Lady Lilly said...

How fun! I'll enter!
Crazy Lady Lilly

Anny W. said...

Just what I was looking for! I'll enter right now! Thanks! Anny W.

Jenn P said...

I loved your stuff on eBay and love the stuff on your website. Count me in. I'll enter the giveaway on your website and would like a spring meadow growth chart done in boys and girls colors. Thanks.


Maddy S. said...

I'd love to enter your contest and subscribe to your blog! This is just to good to be true! Your artwork is awesome! Maddy S.

Liz J said...

You're stuff is cute! I can't help but check back from time to time to see what new stuff you have!

Pam G. said...

I love your work. You guys are tremendously talented. I'd love to enter the contest and will so so after I read your wonderful articles. Pam G.