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Two Available Sizes to Choose From!

ONE Custom Hand Painted
Butterfly Wall Peg or Wall Decor
Any Theme! * Any Color! * Any Design!
A $30 Value!

We've decided to offer one of our most popular and unique items that we sell for our GIVEAWAY this month! ONE hand cut and custom hand painted wooden butterfly wall decor or wall peg! The shape of the butterfly will be in one of the two shapes shown above (you get to pick which one you like best) and you can have it hand painted in any color, any theme and any design (a few examples are show below)! For more ideas on designs you can visit our wall peg section, or you can email us with a picture of the pattern and colors that you would like us to match.

To enter the GIVEAWAY you will need to leave a 'comment' for this post with your name and email address so that we can notify you if you win. Or, you can visit our website and send us your information through our customer service link, and your name will be entered in our drawing. The drawing will be held 5/17/08, so hurry!

Below is information about our Wooden Wall Decor & our Wall Peg!

<--- Click the picture to the left to enlarge. This will show you examples of both butterfly shapes as wall pegs and as wall decor.

This ever so cute butterfly boasts style any girl would love! It comes either as wall decor shown above that can be hung on any wall (and looks great if many of them are hung around existing art!), or we can add a 'peg' to the center of it to make it a functional wall peg to hang items from such as jackets, sweaters, umbrellas, artwork, baby shoes, dress-up clothes, purses, boa's or jewelry to name a few! Perfect for any bedroom, playroom, daycare or bathroom! SO CUTE!!

All of our hand painted wall pegs and decor are hand cut in our workshop, sanded, primed and painted in colors to compliment any room just for you! It will measure approximately 5" x 7.5" in diameter. If you choose to purchase this as a wall peg, the center peg will measure 2.5" in length. A perfect size for those little hands! This piece comes ready to hang with key-hole mountings on the back to fit flush with the wall and are treated with only quality products for durability and easy clean up.

Have fun & good luck!


Suzie Normandy said...

Hi! I absolutely love your butterflies! I remember seeing them a few years ago on ebay! I'm so glad I found you! I'd like to enter the giveaway and will contact you through your website with my email address. Thanks! Suzie

Amy Price said...

My best friend Suzie gave me this link to take a look at your giveaway. My daughter has the Pottery Barn Kids Spring Butterfly bedding so if you can paint the butterfly to match count me in. I'll contact you with my email address. Thank you. Amy Price

Cindy Baker said...

Hi! Cute blog! I'd like to enter into the drawing. My name is Cindy Baker and my email address is cbsst@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Audra & Lauren said...

Hi Amy! The wall decor/peg can be painted to match any theme. I've painted quite a bit in the Spring Meadow theme so no worries. Thanks a bunch! Audra

Cindy P. said...

Please enter me in the drawing. Cindy P. dvnp663@yahoo.com

Cute stuff!

Kim Peri said...

I LOVE your website. I found Bei Tesori and then happened upon this one, too! It is exciting to have these things available for future order. Right now I am anxiously awaiting my canvas letters - I KNOW they will be beautiful! My blog should be attached to this message for the drawing! I will forward your link to my other mother friends. I am sure they will be wanting to know where I got my letters done!

Kim Peri said...

Please enter me in the drawing! I have your link on my blog! I ordered on ebay, but I love your websites. Bei Tesori and this one! I can't wait for my letters to arrive so I can show them off and spread the word to my other mother friends. My sis is having her first, so as soon as she finds out what it is and picks her bedding you will be hearing from me again!