Princess Baby Girl Flower Sterling Silver Charm Name Bracelet

Dara Linda has been designing jewelry as a hobby since 2001 and she has quite a fabulous collection. We found this precious bracelet in her Etsy store and couldn't resist showing you.

Dara described this bracelet as...

This bracelet is custom designed for your favorite little girl. It is designed with sterling silver letter blocks, rose flower beads, swarovski crystals, cat's eye beads, bali silver, sterling silver & a sterling silver charm & clasp & 1/2 inch grow chain. This item includes up to 6 letters and you can choose any charm and color design.

If you'd like to swing by her store to take a peek she has over 900 items to choose from! Wow!

Click here to take a peek!


Chris said...

A gal from my office is having a baby shower next month that is a total surprise. I've been looking for something that was unique and special and I think this just might be it. Thanks for sharing! Chris

Cindy W. said...

This is precious! So pretty!