The FreckleBox has the Neatest Personalized Gifts for Kids!

We looooove anything that can be personalized and we've found the best website ever if you are looking for something extra special for your little one with his or her name on it! Frecklebox is on a mission to educate and entertain children, and that is how they came about making these ever so popular gifts. They have an awesome selection of books, posters, journal, placemats and other personalized items. Below is a summary of things they offer but it is well worth the time to visit their website HERE!

"Color Me..."Personalized Coloring Book
This personalized coloring book is sure to be a huge hit at your party, or as a gift to special friends and family. A truly unique party favor, "Color Me ..." will delight and educate children for hours. The kids will have a blast putting their artistic touches on each engaging design and also love coloring their name on every page.

"My Name is..."Personalized Book
Mother Nature has never been more magical. In "My Name is..." you personalize the book's dedication and story. The child’s name pops off of page after stunning page. Flip through a few pages and see for yourself why "My Name is..." is a unique toddler gift and a delight for children of all ages.

Personalized Placemats
These colorful 11x17 personalized placemats are sure to make mealtime more fun for your youngster. They add a cheerful touch to your table and help you minimize the clean up! Simply choose the motif that best suits the child’s passions.

"...Goes to the Zoo" Personalized Book
This majestic picture book not only takes your child through the zoo, at each exhibit, the animals challenge the child to find his or her name camouflaged in the setting. Your child is sure to marvel at the magic these mammals possess and engage in the interactive fun.

Personalized Posters
Want to give a child a truly unique and exciting gift? Frecklebox personalized posters are a source of great pride for any boy or girl. Choose the motif that best suits the child’s passions.

"Hiphop Howie and his Pal"Personalized Book
In this fanciful, illustrated personalized children’s book, your child goes on a ride to discover Hiphop Howie, a friendly little frog. The child you choose becomes the story’s main character in a personalized storybook filled with rhymes and good times.

Personalized Journal Books
Here’s a gift bound to delight children passionate about writing and drawing and collecting memories. Frecklebox personalized journal books have proven to be great party favors or gifts.

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