HGTV Rate My Space...See how your neighbors express themselves!

Need a place to find unique decorating ideas?
You'll find them here!

If you're not familiar with HGTV's "Rate My Space", it is where people like you I can post pictures of our recent renovations or makeovers of any room in the house (or outdoors), and then the public rates how well they like what you've done. I know this may sound intimidating, but everyone is pretty nice on there and it provides you with an abundance of unique decorating ideas that people came up with that you may have never thought of before! People will show pictures of 'before' and 'after', or pictures of just the final product, but what's really nice about it is that you can see hundreds of inspirational photographs that people are taking of their work that you can do yourself or that might spur on some new ideas of your own. Feel free to upload your own photo's to the site when you're done decorating! This is the place to brag!

Since we specialize in children's rooms and family areas of the home, here are a few links that you can start with! Have fun!


Cindy said...

You guys find the neatest websites! Thanks for sharing!

DomesticDivasFancy said...

I just love HGTVS rate my space. I have pictures on there of our home in Virginia!