Fire Fighter Custom Canvas Name Letters for the Baby Nursery or Kids Room

I love, love, love how these letters turned out! I've added a few NEW things to this set such as a new fire house, fire directional sign, little fires here and there, dripping water, and an emergency light that really brings this scene to life. Any of the colors can be modified.

To orders these canvas wall letters, please click HERE.


Maggie said...

those are completely adorable!!!!!! I'm bookmarking this and hoping my sis-in-law has a boy next because this is gonna be the shower gift!

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

Awww...thanks Maggie! You've just made my day! {If she ends up having a girl...I have sweet stuff for her too!}

Suzanne said...

This is REALLY cute! I wish I had a boy after seeing these letters! I have two girls so I'll have to swing over to your website and see what other girl art that you offer. Cute!