Enchanted Hollow Custom Canvas Name Letters Hand Painted Artwork to Match Eddie Bauer's Nursery Bedding

Enchanted Hollow (Eddie Bauer) Custom Wall Letters

Bright and original, these canvas panels are hand painted art pieces designed to be both art and an heirloom that will last a lifetime. Each panel consists of a letter that when combined, make a fantastic scene-scape in any theme, design or color that you choose. Each letter interacts with the overall panoramic scene and brings attention to the name and the details that children love.

These one-of-a-kind custom canvas wall letters are brought to life on a beautiful washed background and adorned with all the scene has to offer in various hues that can be painted to match any bedding, theme or design of the room! You can have any name, combinations of names, initials, or words painted on these panels. Some examples of words..... PLAYROOM... BATH... IMAGINE... DREAM.... LIVE-LOVE-LAUGH, etc.

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