Our Trip to Chicago's Field Museum

Sue, the world's largest, most complete and most famous T. rex.
Feel free to click on any of these pictures for a much larger view!

Our oldest daughter had her school Spring Vacation this week and we had an idea of either going up to the Wisconsin Dells for a few days or stay in Chicago and do something new and different each day of the week. We thought that although the kids would love the Dells, doing something different each day would also make things adventurous and memorable. Today was the last day that my husband was going to be in town so we all decided to go to the Field Museum. The first exhibit that we went to was called Mystic Creatures that my kids loved because it had large models of dragons, unicorns, mermaids and other fantasy creatures, and included descriptions of both the legend and the science behind them. We could not believe what they had in there and everything was amazing to see. They wouldn't allow picture taking in that exhibit so that's one place if you're ever in Chicago that you'll have to make a point to see if you like fantasy creatures. We were also able to see dinosaur, prehistoric fish and mammal fossils including the world's largest, most complete and most famous T. rex, Sue. You can see a picture of Sue above and in the group of pictures below. This exhibit was probably the highlight of the whole trip because we had heard so much about it when they placed her in the Museum several years ago. We toured through the Evolving Planet exhibit that covered 4 billion years of life on Earth with things we could touch, explore, and talk about, and was definitely an exciting place for the kids (pictures are below for this section as well). Learning about the Ancient Americans was interesting, the tour through an Egyptian tomb was really neat (pictures of real mummies are below), and the Underground Adventures was also a hit!

Below are a few pictures that we took on our trip today at Chicago's Field Museum that I'd love to share with you since Chicago can be a far distance for some people. I hope you enjoy looking at them. :-)

There were real fossils within the floor tiles throughout the Museum! So neat!

The museum was also interactive so when you pushed a button it would reveal the answers to questions or would be an audio review. This was cool!

Pretty much anything that wasn't tucked behind a glass wall was 'touchable' and really made it fun and interesting for the kids.

I thought this was really amazing. The dino's head is to the left and tail to the right. Look how small its head is!

OMG! We saw these in the movie Jerassic Park! LOL! This was great to see!

Have you ever seen the kids movie Ice Age? This is how huge sloths used to be! Amazing!

The above picture is the first deer. It was huge!

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