The ugly beast has knocked on our door......CANCER

My dad will go in every year for a routine physical and without skipping a beat, went in for this years' exam a few weeks ago. After his appointment he left thinking that everything was fine as it always had been, and aside from suffering bouts of aching arthritis he felt great. But this time, he wasn't fine. His blood count came back abnormal. Something you never want to hear. His doctor asked him to come back in to see if they can find out what was causing his blood count to change and that is when they had noticed a swollen area that needed to be looked at further. He went to see a specialist to have a biopsy performed and it wasn't just one spot, it was 12! Ouch! They had to make sure if one area was being effected or two areas so this was a necessary and painful procedure that he had to go through. Then the waiting game.... As days passed he finally received word from his doctor that the biopsies revealed he has cancer in one hemisphere and not two, which under the circumstances was as good as the news was going to get. Options were discussed to try to rid the cancer, but surgery is the only way to see if the cancer is spreading or not. Once he heals from the biopsies he will schedule an appointment for surgery.

I am crushed........ Very recently I have lost my mother-n-law and father-n-law whom for 22 years have been more to me like my parents, and I no longer have my mother. If I lost my father, would be beyond devastating for me. I pray that the surgery will conquer the cancer and that my father can go on living his life to a much fuller age..... I pray to Saint Peregrine, the Patron Saint of Cancer Patients, St. Jude, all of the healing angels and God to bless my father with their healing graces..... Many blessings to each of you as well, and to those who are also fighting the battle to live. My prayers extend to all those who are suffering, and their families. God be with you.

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