Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas by Martha Stewart.

There's no better way to present a gift to someone special than to add your special touch! We came across the fabulicious ideas from that we wanted to share with you. To see more than 70 other gift ideas, you can find them HERE. You can also click on any picture below to make it bigger.

Doily Gift Wrap
For an extra touch of whimsy, wrap gifts with doilies.

Oooogh! We love these colors! And what a creative way to use doilies! This would even work for country themed rooms or as snowflakes! So cute!

Holiday Gift Bags
These beautiful holiday gift bags add a personal touch to every present.

It is so nice to see a different way to present a gift using a gift bag! This is so creative!

Kraft Paper Wrap
Kraft paper makes an attractive yet sturdy wrapping for oddly shaped packages. Once wrapped, add special trimmings and gift tags to your package.

Down home packaging....we love this!

Modern Wrapping Paper
Our gift to you. This stack of spirited wrapping paper -- designed by Blueprint, and not sold in stores. Just print out one -- or all -- of the five patterns (11-by-17-inch paper works best).
Paper How-To

Oooo la la!

Candy Box Wrap
Give candy boxes a finishing touch that won't be ripped away when your present is opened.
More About This Idea

Nice ideas for odd shaped gifts including cans. The color grouping in this picture is scrumptious too!

Homemade Gift Wrap
Household materials make for inexpensive and delightful homemade gift wrap.
More About This Gift Wrap

Our grandma always told us to make our cards that we give to people to go along with the gifts because they would mean so much more. I think hand made wrapping paper falls under this ida as well. What a GREAT idea! And, it is a good craft idea for the kids!

Fabric Gift Wrap
Photocopying vibrant fabrics is an easy way to create eye-catching gift wrap.
More About This Gift Wrap

Oh yes......! this is our favorite way to give gifts ~ using fabric... It doesn't have to be expensive fabric either to look nice. If you have several packages don't be afraid to stack them with coordinating fabrics. This look is scrumptious!

Flower Pot Gift Wrap
These crepe-paper wraps, inspired by amaryllis petals, can dress up the pots of any plants you give as presents.
Get the How-To

Oh my.....this is beautiful!

Colored Paper Cones
Cones can be cut from plain colored paper or from greeting cards. To create, draw an arc onto a corner of the construction paper or card using a compass opened up as wide as it can go. Using a pair of pinking shears, cut inside the line. Roll the paper into a cone and staple; reinforce with tape along the inside seam. To decorate a plain paper cone, draw an oval (we used a stencil from an art-supply store) around a chosen image from a greeting card, and cut just inside the line with pinking shears. Glue the cutout to the front of the cone. Punch a hole on both sides of the cone, thread a ribbon through, and knot the ends.

Tower of Boxes
Several boxes are stacked and tied up in two giant ribbons. Each box is wrapped first in colored tissue paper, then frosted over with a sheet of glassine, available by the sheet or roll from archival-supply houses.

Gotta love the 'tower' look!

Candy Wrapping
Dress packages in candy stripes for a sweet presentation. Use double-sided tape to secure the end of a length of ribbon to the bottom of a wrapped package. Wind around box, spacing stripes evenly; thread a tag through the free end of the ribbon. Finish by affixing ribbon underneath the box with double-sided tape. Repeat with ribbons in different widths or colors.

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