Who doesn't like snowmen?? Here are a few of our fav's for this winter!

Downhill Skiing Snowmen

MATERIALSSkisApple slicesCarrotRadishesToothpicksHat and scarfWire coat hanger (or sticks)Evergreen boughsSki gogglesSticksSki polesStonesCardboardClear Con-Tact paper

To make this downhill racer, start with a standard three-ball tower. Once the snowman's body is fully constructed, slip a pair of skis under the base snowball. Use apple slices for ears, a carrot for a nose and a row of radishes for a mouth, held in place with toothpicks (as shown).

To achieve a windblown look, support a hat and scarf with a wire coat hanger (or sticks) and add a shock of evergreen bough hair. Press a pair of snow goggles into the snowman's head with the strap left inside. Add sticks for the snowman's arms, with ski poles placed in the branches.

Use the same materials and technique to construct a smaller snow child. Give the child a cardboard sign, protected from the elements with clear Con-Tact paper.

Frosty the Cupcake

Snow or no snow, your family can whip up a band of these merry marshmallow snowmen to satisfy all their winter wonderland fantasies.

Cooled cupcake (baked from your favorite recipe)
White icing
Large marshmallows
Waxed paper
Pretzel sticks
Decorators' gel
Orange slice candy
Junior Mints
Thin Mints
Fruit leather

1. Frost a cooled cupcake (baked from your favorite recipe) with white icing.

2. Flatten a large marshmallow on waxed paper with the palm of your hand. Cut a second marshmallow in half horizontally, then stack the halves on the first marshmallow to form a torso and head.

3. Push a thin pretzel stick down through the snowman (this will help him stand up), then set him on the cupcake. 4. Use decorators' gel to create a mouth, eyes, and buttons, then add pretzel stick arms and a wedge cut from an orange slice candy for a nose.

5. Accessorize with a candy hat (a Junior Mint secured to a Thin Mint with icing) and a fruit leather scarf. Watch a step-by-step video demonstration of this recipe.

Crunchy the Snowman

Dressed in colorful candy scarves and top hats, these stylish, easy-to-make snowmen are sure to liven up any holiday gathering.

bag of 8-inch pretzel rods
1 cup white chocolate chips
mini chocolate chips
orange decorators' gel
fruit leather (various colors)
gummy rings

1. To make a batch, melt 1 cup of white chocolate chips in the top of a double boiler.

2. One at a time, dip one end of an 8-inch pretzel rod in the melted chocolate and use a plastic spoon or knife to spread the chocolate two thirds of the way down the rod.

3. Set the pretzels on a sheet of waxed paper and press on mini chocolate chips for eyes and buttons. Use orange decorators' gel to add a carrot nose. 4. When the chocolate has hardened, stand the pretzels in a mug or glass and tie on strips of fruit leather for scarves. For each hat, stretch a gummy ring over the narrow end of a gumdrop and secure it on the pretzel rod with a dab of melted chocolate.

Watch a step-by-step video demonstration of this recipe.

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