Today is Lucky Friday!! **On Sale** Boys Dinosaur Canvas Wall Art Trio

Today is Lucky Friday!!
Sometimes people ask me if I can place something on sale or ask when something might go on sale in the near future. Well, I gave it some thought and decided...... Sure! ...and.... How 'bout now! Why not place more items on sale?? I can't place every request on sale, but I'll certainly do my best to have as many sales that I can. Below is a request that I had recently, so I thought I'd share it with all of you to take advantage of should you also want the same item! Yippie!

** On Sale **
{ Regularly $74.99 each }

Dinosaur/Super Saurus Gallery Art Pieces
11”x14” Gallery Art Piece


These one of a kind Dinosaur canvases are ADORABLE in person with historic hues that will capture any boy’s imagination! With its beautiful washed sky and neutral pallet, these art pieces are sure to coordinate in any dinotopia bedroom!

Hang in a bedroom, bathroom or playroom! No matter the room it is sure to conjure up an adventurous journey into the lost land of the dinosaurs!

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Vania said...

Wow, gorgeous paintings, love them!

Melinda S. said...

I love these paintings. They'll go perfectly with my son's room.

Kelley Mason said...

My son has dinosaurs in his room. This would have been perfect. Wish I had found you last year, you're so talented!