Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince is coming out July 15th!

I had started reading the Harry Potter books years ago when they first came out. It was my escape late at night when everyone was down, the night was coming to an end, and I needed to forget all about work. The books were fun to read and I had always looked forward to reading the next book that would come out. When I heard that they were making movies of the series I was thrilled, except that once I saw the first Harry Potter movie it was a little 'hoaky'. Each movie got a little bit better and became more interesting to watch (almost as interesting as the books). Now Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince is coming out July 15th and I can't wait to see it! The preview of the movie is amazing! You can click any image blow to enlarge it. As you can see the graphics are so much better than in the first movie. To view the preview of the movie, click the image above. This might just be an excellent movie! My daughter is jazzed about seeing it with her friends.


Manola said...

I can't wait to see it! Thank you for sharing with us this pictures: I'm a big big fan!
but I must confess that reading books is unsurpassed ^____^

Hilty Sprouts! said...

I can't wait! The books are excellent and as you said the movies keep getting better. Now I just wish that the next Twilight movie was coming out sooner!

Jen said...

I have loved Harry Potter from the start and was also excited about the movies. I get giddy just thinking about the next movie coming out in July.

You blog is so cute and I love your artwork.

Kristine St Clair said...

I am so excited about the movie! I will definatley be going to see it.

Oh, and a qick question...did you do your own blog? Or did someone else do it for you? I LOVE it! The layout, the template the pretty but delicate designs. It's too perfect.

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

Kristine, you crack me up! Thanks for you kind compliments! Yup! I designed my blog and the graphics. Let me know if you would like some help with anything.... I'm still learning as I go, but have learned quite a bit along the way. It's been a fun journey!

Thanks Jen!

Hilty Sprouts ! I agree about Twilight! The women in my family are just all to excited to watch New Moon! I havn't read the books yet, but know many who have. I loved Twilight when I took my oldest daughter to see it with her friends, and now I'm curious to see New Moon now. {Did you notice my Twilight music playing...love it!}

And I totally agree with you Manola! The books are always better!

Lucia said...

Me too i'm so excited! I even made shirt prints just to get the stress out a few months ago! haha. =)