Our Halloween Birthday Party

My daughter's birthday is the first week of November, but this year she really wanted to have a Halloween birthday party, so she did! We celebrated with cake and ice cream at home and opened gifts (which she hasn't put down since her party this last weekend). Then we hopped into the car and went to Johansen Farms to celebrate. My did we ever have fun, and the weather was chilly, but perfect!
{ click any picture to enlarge }

Instead of using party hats, we used witches hats. She also picked out the colors and design of her custom cake and it was scrumptious!

First we held baby chicks. This was so cool! They're so tiny!

We went through a corn maze and petting zoo....

And of course we couldn't leave out the bouncers, slides and train rides {my son's personal favorite}!

Can't forget the pony rides..... This was a real hit!

And before we left we went through the pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins for everyone to take home and decorate.


Nancy Hood said...

loved the collages!! and it appears some heart memories were definitely made :)

Sara said...

What an awesome Birthday party. Your daughter must have had so much fun!