Bead Babies are the Peeeerfect indoor craft when playing outside is not an option!

In some parts of the country believe it or not, it is still a bit chilly and going outside for play is just not an option. Here in Chicago we get a lot of rain during the summer months so there are many days that playing inside is the way to go so we've learned to break out our craft boxes and get creative! Here's a great craft for both boys and girls (and parents too!) that will kill some time and is a lot of fun too! What's really cool about this project is that after everyone has put their little critters together, they can play with them until the skies clear! Wahoo! Enjoy!

Painted Wooden Beads in Assorted Sizes and Colors
Felt Pipe Cleaner
Tacky Glue
Time needed: About 1 to 2 Hours

Caterpillar: Apply a drop of glue to the end of a pipe cleaner and insert it into a large bead. For the head, position a bead so its holes look like eyes, then glue it to the first bead as shown. Slide 4 more beads onto the pipe cleaner and trim the excess, then remove the last bead and apply glue to the exposed end. Replace the last bead. Cut antennae from the felt and glue them behind the first bead.

Bunny: Choose 2 beads, one slightly larger than the other. With its holes positioned to look like eyes, glue the small bead over one of the holes in the larger one. Cut the ears, tail, and feet from felt and glue them in place. For stability, make sure the feet fit squarely beneath the bunny's body.

Duck: Follow the directions for the bunny but swap a felt bill, feet, and wings for the ears, tail, and feet.

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