It's Party Time! Here are 8 Fantastic Party Themes for your Little One!

We are huge party planners when it comes to our kids birthdays and we tend to go all out. Now that spring is upon us birthday parties are blooming as quick as our gardens are so we went searching for new ideas on how to make any child's birthday bash a success. We found this really neat article in Parent's Magazine that was top on our list so we thought we'd share it with you. For more information on the food ideas, recipes, favors and related features for each theme, you can click HERE!

Rockin' Robots Party
Invitation: Make a robot invitation from silver craft-paper rectangles and attach body parts together with silver fasteners. Write party details on the body and add googly eyes and silver chenille stems for antennae.
Set the Scene: Hand each guest a glittered antennae headband and glow-in-the-dark necklace as they enter the party galaxy. Use fishing line to hang metallic cardboard stars ( has a great supply) and painted Styrofoam planets from the ceiling.
Crafts & Activities: Make a robot body from a box (one hole for the head, and one on each side for arms), slip it over the head of an adult or teen volunteer, and let the kids decorate using silver tinsel, disposable cake tins, aluminum foil, tape, and stickers.

Bubbles and Balloons Party
Invitation: Inflate a balloon, but don't knot it. Write party details on the surface with a soft-tipped permanent marker, then carefully deflate. Your little guest's parent must blow up the balloon to read the invitation.
Set the Scene: Give balloons a little flair by attaching simple crepe-paper circles and stripes with double-stick tape. It's easy to make dots and fun shapes using paper punches.
Crafts & Activities: Premix bubble soap by combining 2/3 cup dishwashing soap, 1 gallon water, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of glycerin. Let the kids loose to blow bubbles in the backyard and have a contest for the biggest, the fastest flyer, and the longest-lived.

Olympics Party
Invitation: Send out a pennant-shaped invitation to get kids in the team spirit. Write the party details on a triangular piece of paper and glue to a chopstick. Mail in a letter-size envelope to all participating athletes.
Set the Scene: Make Olympic rings by attaching five hula hoops together. Turn the birthday athlete into an Olympic "torch" with a flame cap made from painted batting stitched to a cap. Have kids stand on milk crates for a winner's-circle photo op.
Crafts & Activities: Set up three to five Summer Olympics events: a water-balloon shot put, shoe-box hurdles, Frisbee discus, badminton, and a somersault tumbling contest all make perfect backyard games.

Disco Dance Party
Invitation: Type details on pink card stock no wider than 3 inches. Trace a soup can around the text and cut. Glue to a small black paper plate for a vintage-record invitation.
Set the Scene: Cut paper starbursts from various patterned and solid papers. Sandwich each between two compact discs and hang them from the ceiling. You can also dangle them from a doorway, tape them to a wall, or create a garland.
Crafts & Activities: Keep the kids movin' and groovin' with super-fun games like freeze dance, silly karaoke, the limbo, and a hula hoop contest. Hire a local dance teacher to teach some hot, new dance moves.

Topsy-Turvy Party
Invitation: Invite your guests in the most backward way -- by printing or writing your invitations in reverse. They'll need a mirror to learn who, what, where, and when. Stamp and address the envelope on the back flap side.
Set the Scene: Ask the kids to come dressed backwards -- hats flipped around, shirts turned from front to back, shoes on opposite feet. Greet them at the door with a sign that says "Goodbye." Don't forget a backwards "Happy Birthday" banner.
Crafts & Activities: Divide the kids into two teams for a series of backwards relay races, play classic games like "Red light, green light" and "Simon says" with reversed rules, or stage a backwards egg-and-spoon walk.

Puppet Show Party
Invitation: Turn a brown paper bag into an invitation. Cut eyes, nose, and a mouth from construction paper, write party details on them, and tuck inside the bag. To read the invitation, guests must arrange the face of the puppet.
Set the Scene: Welcome the party guests with a sign that announces the time of the show. Construct a simple puppet theater from a large cardboard box. Add fabric swags with decorative ribbon tie-backs as curtains.
Crafts & Activities: Forget sock puppets -- dress up wooden spoons with felt, googly eyes, and other craft supplies. Let each child put on her own improv show.

Top Chef Party
Invitation: The ingredients for this party are a bunch of friends, three cups of fun, and a pinch of creativity! Send an invitation in the form of a recipe card to inspire your guests to get into the cooking mood.
Set the Scene: Greet the children with a welcome sign written on a chalkboard easel. Cover the tabletops in Italian restaurant-style red-and-white-checked tablecloths, and hang a kid's apron over each chair.
Crafts & Activities: Give the chefs their own premade pizza crusts and wooden spoons. Set out a buffet of bowls with sauce and various toppings. After kids assemble their pizzas, let them decorate their aprons, using fabric markers, while the food bakes.

Around the World Party
Invitation: Send guests plane-ticket invitations. Use airport lingo, like arrival and departure times, seat assignments, and flight numbers.
Set the Scene: Have kids "board the plane" when they arrive. Line chairs up two by two, leaving an aisle down the center. Place a snack and juice box on each seat for takeoff. Decorate the room with maps and flags from around the world.
Crafts & Activities: The first stop is China, where kids try to pick up jelly beans using chopsticks. With a layover in Tanzania, the kids play safari on a leaf-covered jungle gym. The final stop is France, where each passenger will paint a Monet-inspired masterpiece.

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