I would love to have your opinion.....

Do you have a minute?
I'd love to have your opinion.

I had been waiting so long for the opportunity to paint a cross because there are so many things that you can do with them. I was doing an order for a client of mine and I happened to find out that their son was being Baptized this weekend so I surprised them with a gift, the above cross. I had found the unfinished wooden cross at a local store and wondered if it was to feminine to use for a baby boy because of the curves and flower looking medallion in the center. Since it was my only option if I were to paint a cross I decided to place it in my cart and take it home to think about ideas and what I could do with it to make it more fitting for a boy. Since I was working with a nautical theme the best idea that I had was to use the center medallion as a compass. The carving on the medallion was really bumpy so it was hard to keep my lines straight, but overall I think it turned out ok. If there weren't so many curves to the cross I would have painted the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" prayer along the edges. Darn.... So, I painted a little boy praying with a nautical scene. I almost painted thick stripes on the sides but wasn't sure if it would have taken away from the artwork on the front.... hmmm... The size of the cross is about 11"h x 9"w or so.

I would really like to have your opinions since I may be painting another cross like this one. My questions are:

1. Does the cross shape and medallion just look to feminine to use for a baby boy?
2. Did the idea of painting a compass on the medallion work? If not, what ideas do you have for that space that would work?
3. Do you think thick stripes on the sides would have been ok to paint?
4. Would it have been to busy if I had painted Cape Gabriel in a small curved banner above the boy's head?

Thanks for listing in and giving me your two cents. I really appreciate any feedback that you have!


Widge said...

I think you have done a great job as is. It doesn't look feminine at all and I didn't even realise the compas area was a flower shape until you pointed it out and I took a closer look. What you have done works really really well. I like the simplicity without the stripes. What a lovely gift.

Amy Perrotti said...

1. I think the flower/ medallion shape because of its color looks like clouds and is fitting.
2. Yes, the compass worked! Very nautical and very symbolic relating to religion guiding one.
3. If you do paint "on the sides" I would not overlap the top (which could be tricky to do).
4. Print out a picture of the cross and paint the curved banner above the boy's head and see if it looks to busy. This way you won't actually risk ruining the real one.
Hope this helped. :)

Missy said...

I always feel the same when I paint something but you have done an awesome job! It does not look feminine at all. Your painting theme definitely says Boy. I would not add anything else - it is perfect and I know that your friend will LOVE it! Such a thoughtful gift!

Mary said...

The cross is beautiful as is I think. The compass is so appropriate - it keeps us on the right path on our journey. Love the little boy praying.

You have a great sense of color, and style, follow your instincts, they are good. Amy's idea of making copies and experimenting is a great one.


Jenny Harper said...

I love it! Wow...talent. :)

OliveStreetStudio said...

I think it is fantastic!! What a lovely addition to a child's room.

Ellie Great said...

Great job! I like your blog.

Maya said...

It's gorgeous. I think the medallion is great and sets off the more feminine curves. It totally works for a little boy!